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Buy a Brick...or Make a Donation
Now it's easier than ever to become a part
of  Western Pennsylvania Culture Center
history by purchasing a custom engraved
brick in our specially designed walkway.
Right now bricks are available in the area
around entrance. There will also be an
area of brick around the Concert Gazebo
to be dedicated in the summer of 2015 .  
The Melody Shop ( 50years 2013)and now
WPCC will be a part of Pennsylvania
History Landmarks.
Hundreds of thousands of feet have
walked over the roads and sidewalks
surrounding local historic Churches and
schools, and the same will be said of the
path and gardens surrounding The
Western Pa. Culture Center House. Buying
a brick provides an opportunity for you to
become part of history by having your
name or the name of a loved one
inscribed in a commemorative brick.
Bricks make wonderful gifts for all
occasions, from graduation to
anniversaries. They are a one-size-fits-all
gift that will be around for many, many
years. Valentine's Day, birthdays, births,
weddings -- the list goes on and on.
The bricks are engraved with up to three
lines of 14 characters each. You can even
choose the location where your brick will
To purchase a brick, please do so by
making your gift online at
Using the search below, you can discover
bricks and locations of donors by their
name or of whom they named their brick
in memory.
Order Your Brick today! With this
purchase you will receive 10.00 off yearly
membership. See Membership Page for

4" x 8" = $75.00          8" x 8" = $125.00




In Memory

Choose location......................2014 Summer
Gazebo area....................sidewalk area to

Copy and print this form and send in or fax or
Scholarship Donors...
Many Thanks to You!

The Jobeth Olson Family

The James J. Surman Family

In Memory of The Knapp/Carr

Your name here...Can make a
difference in a child's life!

Please help us share music with
those children, of school age, that
are less fortunate. The list of
children who want lessons is
growing. Please help us keep
them learning!
Western Pa. Culture Center/The Melody Shop Teachers/also together with
Allegheny Festival Fund.

Current research continues to document a positive correlation
between young students who participate in music experiences
and their success in academic areas.

OUTREACH is a resource for school districts across Western Pa..
Through a structured and hands-on setting, we provide an
integrated learning experience for children in their critical
years of growth and development.

Founded in 1963, The Melody Shop has received recognition
from educators, civic leaders, and specialists in the field of
child development. Many children and adults began at the
Melody Shop to experience the dedication and satisfaction of
mastering their chosen instruments.

Contact: Louise Carr, Director    
E-mail:  www.themelodyshop.org
Phone: 412-466-3522

        Our OUTREACH Programs....

Hands-on Workshops                       Music & Literacy Workshops/private and
classes/private lessons
Elementary grades

A series of curriculum-linked and interactive Workshops presented by
ensembles of professional musicians/educators. For children of diverse
backgrounds and abilities, the Workshops enhance motivation, establish an
early love for reading, and open up new pathways for learning for all band and
orchestral instruments, Piano, Voice and Guitars.

Educating, Enriching, Inspiring                       School-Day Orchestral Concert
Elementary grades

A highlight of the School Year, the innovative concert format introduces young
students to a spectrum of musical genres, and to the beauty of the performing
arts as a foundation for lifelong learning. Presented in concert halls and local
churches the Orchestral, Piano and Voice Concerts are an educational and
cultural resource for students in the public schools.

Preserving the Legacy of music                    "Roots of Music" Seminars
Middle and High Schools

A skilled ensemble of specialists in the jazz genre, classical and Blues traces the
ethnic, historical, and social influences that led to the evolvement of this music.
Students gain a deeper understanding of its role in the culture of our country,
the extraordinary artists and their contributions, and the legacy of music that
must be preserved for future generations. Seminars will be presented both
during, and after the school day.

WPCC rules:
•        Participants are to report on time to all scheduled activities.
•        Participants are to wear their name badges to all scheduled activities.
•        Participants are required to participate in all scheduled activities. Only a
Summer Music staff member may grant permission for a participant to be
•        Courteous and respectful behavior is expected at all times toward all
Summer Music staff and other participants.
•        Shirt and shoes must be worn for all practices. Hats are not to be worn.
•        Participants are not permitted to leave the Summer Music area or go off
campus unless accompanied or granted special permission by a Summer Music
staff member.
•        Misuse or damage of School property is unacceptable. Charges will be
assessed against those participants who are responsible for damage or missing
School or Outreach WPCC property.
•        Schools prohibit smoking in all buildings to create a smoke-free
•         Only plastic water bottles with lids are permitted .  
•        No food is permitted in any classrooms or practice room.
•        Cell phones may NOT be on or used during classes, rehearsals, or evening
All students under age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to and from
the building. Students will not be permitted to go to parking lots without a parent
or guardian present.
Please keep in mind that during their attendance at Outreach programs,
students are representing themselves, family, school, and community. While
unacceptable conduct is not anticipated from participants, WPCC is prepared to
deal with situations involving inappropriate behavior. WPCC and your instructor
maintains the right to dismiss any student for improper conduct. Any student
dismissed from the institution will not receive a refund. A parent/legal guardian
will be notified immediately and expected to pick up the participant.

Please contact our office for a custom program for your private or public school.
Thank you.
Western Pennsylvania Culture Center and The Melody Shop
Community Mission - Provide community support through student and customer
involvement including private instruction, recording, and local teaching workshops on our
café stage. Provide visitors and students quality music products, efficient rentals,quality
service and the finest quality coffee house atmosphere and beverages.
Some students have been with us for years; some have gone on to promising academic careers
at Slippery Rock, Duquesne,
CMU, Berkley, and other notable music institutions; others just want to learn at their own
pace and enjoy music as a fun avocation. Whatever the level of interest and ability, we
welcome you to arrange a meeting with one of our Melody Shop teachers.  Painting and Art
works will always be on display for sale by local artisans.