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Some cool Cd's designed and recorded at WPCC all for education of Music and Recording!
All solo instruments welcome along with Voice!
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"The little ones are my favorites because
they are so cute and try so hard",
Samantha Carr(teacher for Kidz Stuff

"Music training unleashes the self esteem
and stress reduction needed in today's
world, in all people, of all ages" Louise
Surman Carr(producer/engineer,voice
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Hi 5th grade class and Parents/guardians.
It's my pleasure to be your children's CCD teacher.

Your children for this class are supposed to know what the
Sacraments are all about! It is all about learning in a fun way! If your
child wants to participate they will win one free music lesson just for
participating. I am making this a bit more exciting by offering to the 3
top creative winners an opportunity to win several dance and
or piano
or guitar
lessons at my school.  

When my mom taught the 5th grade back in the 60's she did this
project with a great success.
She gave the kids candy! I know that the
lessons are worth a bit more than that but I am the Director/Owner and
I want to extend this opportunity to your children! (All rules of the school
apply, please read the policies on this website or stop in to visit

CCD information; Take a shoe or boot box. use your creativity!
THEME is any of the Sacraments!
Al original drawings or art works, materials used can be made from
Paper/Cardboard, Clay, Putty, glue, any craft supplies.
Design a set of pictures/arts or crafts you have drawn/sculpted and
make a scene inside. Scenes need to portray a sacrament in action!

   Dioramas allow children to re-create a certain environment or
scene. Ideas for the diorama scenes include a desert, ocean or a
scene from a favorite book. Use a shoe box turned on its side as the
container for the diorama. Create a background for the scene on the
inside of the shoe box. The background can be painted or made from
construction paper or craft foam. Use small toys or objects molded
from play dough to add three-dimensional elements to the diorama.
Ideas for three-dimensional objects include characters, trees, vehicles,
animals and other details that fit the scene. Attach the objects to the
shoe box with glue, or leave them unattached so they can be


All entries from Mrs. Carr's 5th grade class need to be brought into
class within the next 2 weeks. Turn in by Feb. 1st.

I hope the children are excited about this and are ready to either
Dance/Play piano or guitar! Free lessons place no family under any
obligation to make any purchases. Thank you! Mrs. Carr